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Tool Repair and Parts Supply
for Santa Ana and All of Orange County

Tool Repair

We now do factory authorized repairs for Oliver Machine saws, Hawk Enterprises floor machines and Aurand surface prep machines.

Obsolete Parts for Older Electric Tools

Since we do a lot of repairs here, we end up with our fair share of now obsolete tool parts. Check out what we have available.

Oliver Model 12 Portable Bandsaw

Production rated. Cuts wood up to 8" thick.

New Green Cut Turbo Blade Eliminates Spalling and Chipping

Metric and odd sized carbide bits.

SDS-Max24mm x 15"$75
736 (Stanley Hydraulic Breaker)1" x 24"$100
Spline18mm x 8"$50
Spline24mm x 12"$55
Spline1-1/16" x 12"$65
SDS Plus18mm x 6"$30
SDS Plus24mm x 6"$45
5/8"-11 Thd1-1/16"$55

New Parts - Stated price or best offer

Tool Mfg.Tool ModelPart NumDescriptionPrice
Black & Decker286248-00$55.00
Black & Decker133282-01$35.00
Kubota7000011221Air Filter$26.00
Kubota7000015241Oil Filter$12.00
RothenbergerCollins Classic 22A10072Roller Block$50.00
RothenbergerCollins Classic 22A12127Reamer$150.00
RothenbergerCollins Classic 22A1227Chip Tray$120.00
RothenbergerCollins Classic 22A13771Body Cutter$120.00
YanmarL48V, L48EE71429522620Piston & Rings 0.25mm oversize$99.00
YanmarL48V, L48EE71429522580Piston & Rings 0.50mm oversize$122.00

Tool Repair

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We pride ourselves on being able to provide customers with outstanding Service. Davis Tool is A Cut Above the Competition. Our reputation is second to none. We have combined the latest technology, knowledge, and years of practical experience to give our customers the Best Products at the Lowest Cost.

Remember that the products listed on our site are only the most frequently requested items. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at (800) 995-6775 or e-mail us at info@davistoolco.com, and our experienced staff will assist you in sourcing out your requirements.

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